An Indianapolis based digital maker focusing on the web in UX design and development. Currently a UX Designer for

Amanda Westrup

UI/UX Designer | Indianapolis, IN | Linkedin Profile

Detail oriented multi-media professional, with extensive management experience. Experienced in web design and development, UX design and development, prototyping and storyboarding. Self-motivated strategic thinker with a passion for making creative ideas a reality.

Adobe CS




Interaction Design


Wireframe Creation


UX Designer
Responsible for the design, development, coding, testing and debugging for Responsible for projects through entire creative process through implementation - with emphasis on best practices, User testing, interactive design, and creation of prototypes and wireframes. Create rapid paper / clickable prototypes to evaluate effectiveness of design solutions against identified scenarios.

YP Canada

Web Designer
Design websites for small businesses in Canada. Generate ideas and concepts for new business logos and rebranding. Developed design solutions to elegantly solve key scenarios to solve user and business goals. Develop sites using internal CMS.

Freelance Design and Development

Meet with clients to elicit needs and desires for final live output. Research current market and trends to design website for competitive market, that coincides with clients needs. Create mock-up design based on research and base wireframe to present to client . Build website based on mock-up presented using HTML/CSS/JavaScript. Responsive design using media-queries to ensure the best output on all devices.